Monday, January 14, 2013

bathroom rehab ~ guest bathroom progress

Continuing on with the progress in my bathrooms, today I'm going to show you how things are looking in the guest bathroom. You can see the before pictures here and the changes I made to the master shower here

There were angels singing in the heavens when these first 2 pictures were taken. Split pea soup was not meant to be a wall color, and they know it. It was so exciting to get rid of it! This is just the first coat of primer, but primed walls are a gigantic improvement over the mess they were before. It took quite a bit of primer to cover it, but once that was done it only took one coat of paint, so it was worth taking the time to make sure the green was completely covered before painting.

I missed a step in my picture taking, but at this point the ceiling has been painted white to cover all the green that never should have been there, the walls have been painted Gray Beige,

and I've measured, leveled, and taped some stripes.

And here's where things went wrong. I bought the Gray Beige in flat and glossy thinking it would make stripes that would be subtle enough to not overpower the small bathroom. The problem is the glossy paint dries very yellow in comparison to the flat which definitely has more grey tones to it. 

I hate it. It's not at all the look I was going for and I just see a circus tent when I look at it, so now I have to paint over the stripes with the flat paint again. I normally wouldn't use flat paint since it's not very cleanable, but it is what it is.

These are the new baseboards I picked out. They are about an inch taller than the old ones were and I love them. Getting a taller size was for functional reasons because there was a lot of patching that needed to be done where the wall was moldy and crumbled when the old baseboard was removed, but I would love to have tall baseboards all over the house and was happy to have a reason to need them here.

So, that's where things are right now. Honestly, after all the hours of scraping, priming, painting, changing water valves, baseboard installation, and toilet replacing...I'm losing my steam. But last night I had some time to kill and went to Home Goods. I bought some fun stuff to decorate this bathroom and I'm hoping it's the motivation I need to power through and get the rest done.

Here's what I still need to do in this bathroom:
 paint over the stripes
fill in the nail holes and along the tops of the baseboards and paint them
clean the bathtub/shower, use Grout Refresh to brighten up the grout, and re-caulk
sand and refinish the vanity

It's still a lot, but I think I can have it done by the end of this month. That's the goal anyway!

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