Monday, February 13, 2012

fleece camera cover

I've mentioned before that I love to travel, and I have another trip coming up in just under 3 weeks! I'm going to Ireland and I'm so excited! I've heard it's absolutely beautiful. We will have a car and the freedom to go wherever we want for the week we're there, and we will be staying in 4 different castles instead of regular hotels. It's going to be so amazing. With this trip coming up so soon, I have been working on some different travel-related things and today I'm going to share one of them with you.

This picture was taken in Prague a couple of years ago and it shows how I used to carry my stuff on trips. My camera around my neck, and a big bag for everything I might need while we're out sight-seeing (snacks, water, guide books, maps, money, would get pretty heavy). It worked, but it wasn't the most comfortable and I always felt like I had to hold onto the straps of my bag.

On that trip to Prague I bought the messenger bag you can see in the pictures below. It has a long strap so I can carry it diagonally across my body which is much more comfortable, convenient, and safe. It has lots of pockets and sections, so I'm able to carry everything I need in a much smaller bag. It's perfect.

When I bought that bag I started carrying my camera in one of the zippered parts instead of hanging around my neck. It was safe there but also easy to get to whenever I wanted to take a picture. With that change I no longer needed the case I used before, but I still wanted to protect my camera so I continued to keep it in the case anyway. Between Prague and China (the 2 pictures below) I bought a new camera. It's much thinner than the old one but slightly longer, and because of the size difference I was no longer able to zip the case completely. It still protected my camera from scratches, but it just wasn't working that well for me.

When I saw this camera cover on I knew it was the perfect solution.

Here's mine 
(this picture was taken with my phone since you can't actually use your camera to take a picture of your camera, so it's not the best but you get the idea)

Mine is a little bit thicker because I used fleece for both the outside and the liner, but I like that it's super soft and will protect my camera screen from scratches. Plus I already had the fleece so this project only cost me $2.59 for the velcro (really only 22 cents because the velcro came with 12 pieces and I only used 1).

Joy's tutorial is good, but I did do a couple of things different:
1. I cut my fabric 1/4 inch longer than she did and I still wish my cover was just a tiny bit bigger (the camera fits inside, but just barely)
2. she ironed interfacing onto the outside fabric, I left that part out
3. she made the outside and the liner the same size, my liner wouldn't fit exactly right inside the outer layer so I made it slightly smaller
4. she used batting between the outside and the liner, mine was too thick with batting so I left it out
5. I finished the opening at the top differently than she did. I used the same method as I did to finish off the top of my ruffle bag. It's kind of hard to explain, but ask me questions in the comments if you want more details and I will try to explain it.

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Dianna said...

Ireland is beautiful! I studied abroad there for a semester in college. Have a great time!