Monday, January 9, 2012

chevron pattern crocheted blanket

This is a blanket I made for my sister for Christmas. I love to crochet and had done lots of blankets, scarves, and hats before but this one was new for me because I had never done a chevron pattern. I watched this video on YouTube and I was off! It took a few rows to really get used to it but after that it was really pretty easy and I LOVE how it turned out. So much that I might have to do one I can keep for myself.

Here's a close up so you can see the colors and the stitches a little bit better. It's just double crochets, and the yarn colors are Red Hart soft white, Red Hart coffee, Vanna's Choice charcoal grey, and Vanna's Choice silver heather.

And while we're talking about crocheting, here are a few other things I've done. I've made several different hat patterns but this one is by far my favorite. (It's a free Lion Brand pattern and you can find it here if you're interested.) Sorry it's kind of hard to see the details in the picture. This is me in China a few months ago and the picture was of the building behind me, not the hat :)

This is the same pattern, but on this one I put a bow instead of a flower. Obviously it's on the other side of my head and you can't see it in this picture. What you can see is the nasty fish head I was pretending to eat (this is also in China)

Same one but in this shot you can also see the matching scarf I made to go with the hat (still China)

And please ignore the awful lighting in this one. My friend and I look horrible, but look! It's the hat again in purple. And yes, that's still China. I wore a lot of hats in China :)
These next 3 pictures are just some close ups of some other hat styles I've done and some flowers.

You might say I'm hooked on crochet :)

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Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY said...

The blanket is lovely! Thank you for sharing

Lisa @ Lisa's Craft Blog said...

Seeing posts like this really make me wish that I knew how to crochet!! You're work is beautiful and I'm going to have to find someone to make me a hat like yours!!

Thanks for linking this post up to Lisa's Linky List #2!!

Lisa's Craft Blog

~Randee@Randee's Organized Chaos said...

I wish that I had taken my grandmother up on her offer toteach me to crochet!!! AWESOME!!!!!
THANKS, Randee

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

I LOVE this blanket. It is so modern and fresh! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

LOVELY Afghan! I never have any luck with the chevron pattern... I can't get my points pointy for some reason :s

Ameryn Marie said...

I love that chevron throw! I just finished my first crochet project and am already itching for more!

Crafty Mischief said...

Beautiful blanket! I tried a ripple blanket a few years ago, it didn't turn out so great but your's makes me want to try again! I found you through Craft-O-Maniac. Thanks for sharing! :)