Thursday, December 1, 2011

apothecary jar with changeable filler

A few days ago when I showed you some of my Christmas decorations I showed you this lantern filled with ornaments. My sister gave it to me last year for Christmas and I love it. I love being able to change it easily for the different holidays and seasons.
Before the ornaments it had these pumpkins and gourds in it for fall. See? It's cute no matter what it's filled with.

I needed to think of a birthday gift for a friend a couple of months ago and I like giving gifts that are either something I have and love or something I would love to have, so I decided to do something along the same lines. I remembered seeing these fabric covered styrofoam balls on Landee See Landee Do here and here and I knew they would be the perfect filler (even the same lantern in the first one!):

I covered a bunch of styrofoam balls in some cute fabric I had from a quilt I made a few years ago, and then instead of buying the same lantern that I have (IKEA is far away) I found this apothecary jar that I am so in love with. It's 20 inches tall and the instant I saw it I had millions of ideas flooding through my mind.

Look how cute it turned out!
It looks kind of springy with all the pastels, but I figure she's set for spring and since there are a few different colors she can use all or some of them at a time depending on the holiday or season. (For Valentine's Day she can mix the pink balls in with some pink and red hearts, for example.)

She loved it and it was such a fun gift to give!

Have you ever bought a gift for someone and loved it so much that you kept it for yourself and bought them something else? No? Just me? One year I did that with a purse I bought for my sister for Christmas. I confess. If the apothecary jar I gave my friend looks familiar, it's because I fought the urge to do the same thing again by just going back and buying another one for myself. Far less selfish :)
Right now it's filled with bells!
Is there something you love that would make a good gift this Christmas?

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Trish and Bonnie @ Uncommon said...

I Love the lantern with all of its seasons. So adorable! Thanks so much for joining our Home for the HOlidays party! It was so good to have you with us!

Lindsi B said...

Such a cute Christmas craft! Thanks for linking up last week for Fun Stuff Fridays. I'd love you to link up with us again.

Joy @ Thrifty Parsonage Living said...

Cute and creative idea to fill the lantern with seasonal items.