Friday, June 7, 2013

Roadside Rescue ~ refinished desk

Sometimes when you're looking for a new desk you go to the store and buy one. Sometimes you look on Craigslist and find a good deal. And sometimes you're driving to your grandma's house for a Memorial Day BBQ and you see a desk on someone's driveway with a sign saying it's free.
That's what happened here, and I really can't believe how lucky I got with this desk. It has some scratches, but it's really heavy solid wood and nothing is broken or falling apart anywhere on the desk. It's in really good condition, and I was going to sand it down and paint it anyway, so the scratches didn't matter.

The drawers all open on rollers so it's really smooth and easy, and they open all the way. Don't you hate it when drawers don't open all the way and you can't see what's in the back? My silverware drawer in the kitchen does that and it drives me crazy.

I even like the handles, which doesn't usually happen.

Some scratches, but nothing a little sanding can't handle.

And here it is all finished!

That paint color is Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor and I love it. It's the perfect mix of navy and grey. I spray painted the handles with Krylon Caramel Latte, and I am totally in love with the combination of the paint color and the handles.

No more scratches

Now let's back up a little and get a good look at this disaster of a room. There used to be a wobbly table in there that had my sewing machine and craft stuff on it, so a lot of what you're seeing here is that stuff moved to the floor while I switched the table for the new desk. But this room has some major problems overall, starting with the paint color on the walls. I have never liked it but haven't taken the time to get rid of it. Now that I'm seeing how awful the desk looks against the wall, it will be getting painted ASAP. Pictures of that and the rest of the {clean and reorganized} room coming soon!

Remember how this desk was free? I had everything I needed to refinish it except the Grays Harbor paint, and I bought a $5 sample first to make sure it was the right color. It was, and painting the desk only used up about half of the sample. Amazing $5 desk? I'll take it!

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Jill Marquette said...

Stunning!! I LOVE the color and the handles really pop. Great job! Who is Grays Harbor by?

Lindsay said...

Thank you Jill! I love the color too! It's Sherwin Williams.

Stephanie Blaue said...

Hi Lindsay,

What a beautiful job on your desk! Did you turn the Gray Harbors into a chalk paint, or just paint the desk without adding anything?

Lindsay said...

Thanks Stephanie! It's just regular paint. I did sand the desk since it had some scratches and I primed it first, but the paint is just regular satin.

Amy Marshall said...

It looks great! It's amazing what a little paint will do!

Have a great weekend!